The Russian Academy of Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery, A. Gorky Institute of World Literature and N. Fyodorov Library N180 invite you to take part in the International Research Conference “The Apostle of Great Art: The Creative Legacy of Vasily Chekrygin in the Russian and World Cultural Context”, that is due to take place on October 5-8, 2022. The Conference is dedicated to the 125th birth anniversary and 100th death anniversary of Vasily Chekrygin (1897-1922), the eminent Russian artist, art theoretician, participant of the Makovets creative association.


The Conference main topics:

-The biography of Vasily Chekrygin, his related and creative circle;

-Vasily Chekrygin’s artistic and aesthetic, religious and philosophical searches;

-The painting and graphics of Vasily Chekrygin: the experience of study and interpretations;

-Monumental projects of Vasily Chekrygin: the fresco “Genesis”, the fresco “The Resurrection of the Dead”, the project of painting “The Cathedral of the Resurrection Museum”: prospects of study and reconstruction;

-Vasily Chekrygin’s artistic language and the poetry of Russian icon;

-Vasily Chekrygin and his “eternal companions” in European art;

-The creative work of Vasily Chekrygin in the context of artistic pursuits of Russian art of the 19th – the first third of the 20th century;         

-Vasily Chekrygin and Russian literary and art avant-garde;

-Vasily Chekrygin and creative association;

-Vasily Chekrygin and the philosophy of Russian Cosmism;

-Themes, ideas, topics of the “Philosophy of the Common Cause” by N.F. Fyodorov in the work of Vasily Chekrygin in 1920-1922;

-The literary, aesthetic and epistolary heritage of Vasily Chekrygin: problems of publication, comments and interpretation;

-Lifetime and posthumous exhibitions of Vasily Chekrygin: history, concepts, historical and cultural significance;

-Vasily Chekrygin’s legacy in the state and private collections: problems and prospects of study and presentation;

-Prospects of production of the digital resource and general catalogue of works by Vasily Chekrygin;

-Memorial objects related to Vasily Chekrygin’s biography and work;

-Prospects of creation of a memorial on the memorial site of Vasily Chekrygin at the former Bogolyubskoye cemetery in Pushkino.


     Within the Conference program the State Tretyakov Gallery will organize a special session in memory of Vasily Chekrygin and offsite session in Pushkino. For the Conference participants and attendees there will be an excursion for visiting the sites connected with the life and work of Vasily Chekrygin in Pushkino, the artist’s recreated tomb at the former Bogolyubskoye cemetery , Vladimir Mayakovsky Cottage-Museum on the Akulova Hill. The Conference will be accompanied by publication of its proceedings.


The Conference format: direct and distance participation. The Conference language – Russian. The Conference Organizing Committee is entitled to select and reject applications. Please, mail your applications till September 15, 2022 to: Contact mobile: +7905 7584354 Anastasiya Gacheva


The Application Form:

1.Full name;

2.Name of the paper;

3.Summary of the paper (not more than 100 words);

4.Scientific degree;

5. Position and workplace;

6.Technical devices needed for the paper presentation;

7.Participation in the offsite session in Pushkino” : yes/no;

8.E-mail and mobile

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