Main Goals of the Research Activity and Programs of Fundamental Studies

In order to coordinate the work on priority directions of basic researches, the Russian Academy of Arts has worked out a number of multilevel scientific and educational, scientific and practical, as well as cultural and enlightenment programs, which now consolidate efforts of Russian specialists in the development and systematization of new trends of theoretical and practical fundamental studies in fine arts, architecture and design.

Within these researches of big significance are processes of interaction between fine arts, science and education on problems of interdisciplinary content and a cross-cultural dialogue in the world art space, as well as the study of the dynamics of cultural processes in the multi-aspect context of this problem (in aesthetic and ethic, psychological and anthropological, philosophical and ontological, religious, political, social and other aspects). One of the principle directions of fundamental researches of the Russian Academy of Arts is broadening of the idea of the national originality and creative communities in Russian and world art, the study and comprehension of the role of Russian art in the world artistic development. Taking into account historical conditions in the 20th century Russia, a wide stratum of Russian art culture has not been available to art historians including works by eminent Russian architects and artists, that resulted in the necessity to reconsider some periods of Russian art.

Searches for new approaches to the study of trends that existed in the world art space and were brilliantly realized in Russian art shall be conducted in the context of the evolution of the world art process. Today, it is urgent to update the existing base of knowledge in the area of fine arts, architecture and design by publication of new sources relating to various spheres of art culture.

The fundamental researches of the Academy’s departments are united in complex scientific and cultural programs aimed at the elaboration of new fields of studies. They include joint research conferences, exhibition projects and master-classes, publication of scientific works, monographs and catalogues, development of learning aids for art schools and institutions,  materials on the history of world and Russian fine arts to be incorporated into programs of the secondary and higher education in the Russian Federation.


• Methodology and Theory of the Historical Process of Development of Fine Arts and Architecture

• Analysis of Urgent Processes of the Development of Modern Art Culture

• Design and Technology: Evolution of Human Environment

• Fundamental Problems of the Psychology of Art 

• Fine Arts in the Context of Modern Humanitarian Education

• Integration of Scientific and Creative Knowledge in the Process of Preservation of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage

• Art and Science in Modern World

• Art, Science, Religion: Ways of Knowledge and Forms of Integration in the Space of Culture

• Peculiarities of the Development of Techniques and Technologies in Fine Arts: History and Today

• Art in the Age of Globalization: Processes of Transformation and Adaptation

• Humanitarian Fundamentals and Social Functions of Art

• Innovations in Fine Arts: Ways of Development

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