Research Archives UNDER the Russian Academy of Arts

2a Third Line of Vasilievski Island
199034 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel: 812 323 0050
Fax: 812 323 6558

     The Research Archives under the Russian Academy of Arts include two departments: Bibliographic Department and Photographic Reference Library. They are open to bona fide researchers by appointment.

     The Bibliographic Department comprises documents of all divisions of the Academy from 1918 till the present day which reflect the Academy’s creative, research, restoration and public activity within the above period. In 1930 the files of the Imperial Academy of Arts and its High Art School from 1757 to 1917 were transferred to the State Archives of Culture and now they are a part of the Russian State Historical Archives in St. Petersburg (36 Zanevski Prospect, St. Petersburg).
     The Department also contains holdings from 63 private funds. Among them there are collections of the artists whose memorial apartments-museums have become divisions of the Academy (Ilya  Repin,  Isaak Brodski, Arkhip Kuindji, Sergei Konenkov, Pavel Chistyakov), as well as private archives of the leading teachers of the Russian art school of the turn of the 20th century, including noted painters, sculptors, architects.
    The Bibliographic Department numbers 150.000 files from 1761 till 2005.

    The Photographic Reference Library was established in 1965. The main holdings of over 200.000 items contain negatives from original works of  Russian, Soviet and European art,  shooting of architectural monuments and monumental sculpture on location, report shooting, photographs of the Academy’s members as well as negatives from books on the history of art.

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