The Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts invites you to take part in the 5th Tolstoy Readings: Falk: Russia-Europe, Artistic Connections in the 20th Century, that will take place in the White Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts (21 Prechistenka street, Moscow) on December 23, 2021.


The Conference presents the diversity of the environment which center was the artist Robert Falk (1886-1958). In the circle of this figure the newest movements in fine arts, literature, philosophy and music were born and formed. It will also focus on Falk's work in the context of the development of world culture in the time of his activity. The Conference welcomes papers covering all the creative periods of the artist: Russian period (1900-the 1920s); Paris decade (1920-the 1930s); the period of his return to the USSR and work during the Great Patriotic War (1930-the 1940s); period of his non-public activity when Falk became the key figure of the Soviet unofficial art and core of the circle of artists-nonconformists (1940-the 1950s). The themes of study can include both independent problems of some periods in the artist's work, researches of his numerous creative contacts and the cultural and historical context of Falk's activity.


Turning to Falk, who found himself in the "center of the vortex" of the 20th century Russian and international art process, the Conference organizers seek to trace the development of the dialogue of cultures between Soviet Russia and France in the first half - middle of the 20th century. This Conference topic is of major importance as the Conference is being held in memory of Vladimir P. Tolstoy and Andrey V. Tolstoy who devoted many years of their work to the study of the international significance of Russian art, connections of artistic processes and artists of Russian emigration.


The main themes to be discussed:

-Genre system, the diversity of stylistic searches in Falk's work;


-From impressionism of the early period to the Jack of Diamonds group; In search of the form. Work with light in landscape painting (the Crimea);


-Falk and the circle of Moscow artists of the 1920s. Falk's teaching at VKhUTEMAS-VKhUTEIN: the circle of the artist's students;


-Turning to the classics, painting of the Old Masters in the creative work of Falk and Russian artists of the first half of the 20th century;


-Falk and theater;


-The French period in Falk's work. The dialogue of cultures. Falk's Paris circle;


-Falk's return to the USSR. Reminiscences of the Paris school of painting in Falk's late creative period;


-The life and creative activity of Falk during the Great Patriotic War. The years of evacuation. Falk and Middle Asia;


-The ousting from the public art life. The circle of artists, intellectuals close to Falk. His studio in Myasnitsskaya street. Unofficial art and Falk;


-The fate of Falk's artistic heritage;


- Exhibitions of Falk's works;


-The postmortem legend of the artist Falk. Including the influence of displaying Falk's artworks within the exhibition "30Years of the Moscow Union of Artists" (1962) on the history of the late USSR unofficial art;


-Falk in museums and private collections;


-Monographic exhibition in the State Tretyakov Gallery in 2021. Problems and discoveries.


Within the Conference framework there will be a presentation of the book "Close to Falk" by A.V. Schekin-Krotova (M. Art Volkhonka, 2020). The Conference will be held in full-time and on-line formats and be accompanied by publication of its proceedings.


Please, mail your application forms and abstracts not later than November 15, 2021 to: nii-arts@yandex.ru


The Application Form:

1.Full name;

2.Scientific degree;

3.Place of work, city, country;

4. Contact: E-mail and telephone;

5.Name of the paper;

6.Absracts (not more than 2500 signs)  


For more information, please, mail to: nii-arts@yandex.ru

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