The State Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Academy of Arts (RAA), Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts invite researchers in photography, specialists of museums, archives and libraries to take part in the research conference “Photography as Art. Russian Pictorialism” to be organized in relation to the solo exhibition of Nickolai P. Andreev that is being held at the State Tretyakov Gallery. The Conference will take place on December 13-15, 2021 in the White Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts (21 Prechistenka street, Moscow; December 13) and the Lecture Hall of the Engineers’ building of the State Tretyakov Gallery (12 Lavrushinsky Pereulok, Moscow; December 14-15).


On September 23, 2021 in the State Tretyakov Gallery there was an opening of the exhibition “Photographer Nickolai Andreev. The Master of Pictorialism” aimed at showing Andreev’s art in the context of the Russian realistic landscape and neoclassical painting of the first half of the 20th century.


In 2019-2021, the Tretyakov Gallery was presented as a gift an archive of the noted photographer-artist fr om Serpukhov Nickolai Andreev (1882-1947). This is a unique collection preserved by the master’s inheritors which includes 669 author’s prints, as well as diplomas, documents and books related to his creative activity. The Gallery has become a major custodian of works by the pictorialist who got recognition in the difficult and dramatic period in the history of the 20th century Russian culture. His professional career started in the 1910s, but the best landscapes, genre scenes and portraits were created at the dawn of the Soviet epoch when artists of various art trends were in search of new ways in art.


In 2019, the Russian Academy of Arts and the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the RAA organized the first international conference “Photography as Art” dedicated to the study of modern concepts of photography art, as well as national art schools and styles of this kind of art in the period from the 19th - 21st centuries. The Conference to be held in partnership with the State Tretyakov Gallery is a good opportunity to focus on one of the most important directions in the Russian photographic tradition. The pictorialism as an art phenomenon has never been presented in the Tretyakov Gallery before. The filling   of this gap became a significant event in the history of the Museum’s collection of photographs.


Topics to be discussed:

-Russian painting and photography;

-Pictorialism in Russia;

-Creative work of Nickolai Andreev;

-Photographic entities: Russian Photographic Society (RPHS) and All-Russian Society of Photographers;

- Museum practice and the history of study of the creative legacy of photographers-pictorialists;

-Pictorialism and visual culture of the 20th - 21st centuries (graphics, cinema, photography, book art);

-Pictorial photography and photography of the late modernism in the USSR and Russia;

-Russian photographers at international exhibitions of the 19th – 21st centuries;

-Russian pictorial photography in the context of the world photography process;

-Reconsidering of the phenomenon of the pictorial photography in the late 20th – early 21st centuries.


The working languages of the Conference are Russian and English. The time lim it for lectures: 20 minutes. The Conference will be accompanied by publication of its proceedings. The Conference formats: direct and on-line.   


Please, mail you applications till December 4, 2021 to: and


Application form:

-Full name

-Place of work/study

-Name of the paper

-Abstracts (up to 1500 signs)

-Contact information: telephone, E-mail

-Format of participation: direct/on-line


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