The Russian Academy of Arts, Institute of Cinema and TV (GITR), Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION RAS), Russian State University for the Humanities invite you to take part in the VII International Research Conference "Geography of Arts", that will take place in Moscow in the Russian Academy of Arts and Institute of Cinema and TV on May 20-22, 2021.

The Conference deals with the territorial problems of culture and art, reflection of the geographical space in art, the role of local environmental factors in the formation of art schools and artworks. It will focus on such themes as artistic perception of the cultural landscape, the significance of art in the creation of a cultural landscape and image of the territory, space concept in works of art. The Conference will be accompanied by publication of a monograph "Geography of Art". The Conference format: in person and in absentia.

Please, submit your applications and theses (one page A4, size 12) not later than February 28, 2021 to

The confirmation of your paper's inclusion into the Conference Program will be delivered not later than April 15, 2021. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the expenses of the Conference participants.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Olga Lavrenova, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD in Geography, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, leading researcher of INION RAS, Professor of GITR and MICIS, President of the International Association of Semiotics of Space and Time.

The Organizing Committee:

-Tatyana Kochemasova, PhD in Art History, Academician and Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts;

-Elena Rzhevskaya, PhD in Art History, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts;

-V.I. Gerasimov, PhD in Philosophy, Head of Scientific Cooperation Department of INION RAS;

-L.V. Skvortsov, Doctor of Philosophy, Head of the Center for Humanitarian Scientific and Information Studies of INION RAS;

-E.A. Bogatyreva, Doctor of Philosophy, Pro-Rector for Research Work of GITR;

-G.I.Zvereva, Doctor of History, Dean of the Department for Cultural Studies of the Russian State University for the Humanities

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