The Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts invites you to attend the 2nd Tolstoy Readings – the Research Conference dedicated to the memory of Vladimir P. Tolstoy and Andrey V. Tolstoy, Academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts, Doctors of Art History, researchers of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the RAA, that will take place in the White Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts on December 20-21, 2018.


Each of them stood at the origins of study of significant themes closely connected with their names: the monumental art of the Soviet Union (Vladimir Tolstoy) and the art of artists of Russian immigration (Andrey Tolstoy). The both of them – father and son – passed away in 2016 aged 93 and 59 respectively.




1. Problems of Art History. Works on the Theory and Methods of the Study of Art:

O.B. Dubova. Mimesis and Architecture

E.A. Savostina. The Myth about Antiquity and a View of the Art of Greek Archaism

K.L. Lukicheva. A Picture as a Model in Classical and Contemporary Art

A.K. Yakimovich. “The Major Ontological Turn”. On the Understanding of the 20th Century Art


2. An Art Historian. Aspects of the Profession:

A.A. Zolotov. An Art Critic and the Atmosphere of Creativity

S.V. Usacheva. On the Problems of Preparation for an Exhibition. The Role of the Museum Curator

O.P. Khromov. Technological Features of the Art Form of the Russian Old Printed Book


3. The Art Heritage:

I.I. Tuchkov. The Nymphaeum in Villa Julia in Rome

A.L. Batalov. Immunity Policy of the Moscow Government in the 1530-1540s and Construction of Monastery Churches

A.A. Karev. The Symbolism of Space in the 18th Century Russian Painting and Graphic Art

I.N. Slyunkova. The Spanish Alhambra and Crimean Bakhchisarai Palace in Russian Literature and Architecture of Romanticism

A.L. Pavlova. Problems of the Religious Monumental Art in the Time of Classicism

Y.E. Revzina. The Fortifications in the Middle – Second Half of the 19th Century and Civic Architecture

D.O. Shvidkovsky. Russian Religious Architecture on the Eve of the Revolution

I.A. Doronchenkov. Exhibition of International Art in St. Petersburg and Moscow in the 1890-s and Russian Media

E.A. Bobrinskaya. Luchism and Futurism

D.V. Fomin. Y.P.Annenkov and N.N. Evreinov. On the History of Private and Creative Relations

M.P.Lazarev. From Futurism to Social Realism. The Stages of the Big Way

A.D. Borovsky. “Modern Style” of the Second Half of the 1950-1960s

A.Y. Chudetskaya. The Obtaining of the Past: Discovery of the “Post Avant- Garde” Art in the 1960-1970s



G.F. Kovalenko, P.F. Chelischev. The Paris Years

T.L. Astrakhantseva. The “Russian Fairytale Style” of Sergey Solomko. The Unknown Ceramic Sculpture of the Paris Period

P.S. Pavlinov. Paintings by Eugene Lanceray in Kharkov. From Paris to Social Realism

I.Y. Chmyreva. Russian Trace in Photography of Argentine in the 20th-21st Century

Anatoly Saderman, Marcelo Brodsky. Photographic Dialogues Between Russia and Argentine in the Early 21st Century

O.A. Yushkova. The Meeting of Two Spaces. Italy and Russia in the Work of Elide Cabassi

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