Presentation of Books by Art Researchers of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts

On January 19, 2017 in the White Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts there was a presentation of books published in 2016 and authored by art researchers of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts. The range of genres, themes and historical periods is very diverse from theoretical studies to textbooks, from antiquity to the present, in total more than 20 books addressed to different reader’s audiences. The authors include: O.A. Krivtsun, A.L. Batalov, E.I. Kirichenko, I.N. Slyunkova, S.I. Kozlova, E.D. Fedotova, L.I. Taruashvili, T.I. Volodina, Y.E. Revzina, S.V. Usacheva, T.V. Yudenkova, I.Y. Chmyreva, I.Y. Perfilieva and others.  

The Department of Art Theory:
O.A. Krivtsun. The Psychology of Art: Textbook for Post-Graduates. M. , Yuright publishing house. 2016. 265 pages
S.S. Stupin. Mukhadin Kishev. The Art of Love. M. BooksMArt. 2016. 304 pages

The Department of Foreign Art:
O. Grabar. The Formation of the Islamic Art/ Translation  from English, comments, afterword by T.H. Starodub. M. Sadra LLC. 2016. 448 pages  

S.I. Kozlova. The Shelter for the Nymphs and Demigods. Gardens of the Italian Renaissance. M. Galart. 2017. 328 pages, 172 illustr.
E.D. Fedotova. Adolph von Menzel. M. The Sunday. 2016. 188 pages

The Department of Monumental Art and Problems of Architecture:  
The Art of Old China in the Works by N.A. Vinogradova/ Chief Editor V.P. Tolstoi/ M. BooksMArt. 2016. 256 pages, 128 illustr.

T.I. Volodina. The City of the Silver Age. The Space of the City in Russian Fine Arts and Literature of the First Decades of the 20th Century.  M. RIP-Holding, 2016. 335 pages

Y.E. Revzina. The Architecture, War and Geography: the Fortification of the 16th-17th Century in Europe and Russia. M: Architecture-C. Series “UGMK – Books on Art and Architecture”. 2016. 344 pages

L.I. Taruashvili. The Living Statue and Tectonics in the Images of Literature and Art: Articles of Various Years/Russian Academy of Arts, Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts. M. Statute, 2016, 320 pages

E.I. Kirichenko. The Architect Vasili Kosyakov. M. BooksMArt. 2016. 352 pages

The Department of the Old Russian and Religious Art:
A.L. Batalov. The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat (St. Basil’s Cathedral). M. Lingua-F, 2016

The Department of Russian Art
The Imperial Academy of Arts for the Culture of the New Time. The Collective Monography. Edited by E.A. Tyukhmeneva. M. BooksMArt, 2016
V.P. Ziloti. In Tretyakov House.  The introductory article by T.V. Yudenkova. M. The Tretyakov Gallery. 2016

The Mystery of Old Pictures. The Catalogue of the Exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery: the compiler, scientific editor and author of the introductory article – S.V. Usacheva. M. ABC Design, 2016

The Formula of a Flower. Pictures of Russian Artists of the 18th-20th century from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery. The Catalogue of the exhibition in the Murmansk Art Museum: the compiler, scientific editor and author of the introductory article – S.V. Usacheva. M. 2016

S.V. Usacheva. The Museum Detective for Children and Grown-Ups. M. ABC Design. 2016

S.V. Usacheva. The Red Square in Moscow. The Journey into the Picture. Book for children. M. ABC Design. 2016  

The Department of Russian Art of the 20th-21st Century
I.Y. Chmyreva.  Essays on the History of Russian Photography. M. Indrik. 2016

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