Diana Widmaier Picasso Visited the Studio of Zurab Tsereteli in New York

Diana Widmaier Picasso visited the studio of Zurab Tsereteli in New York and saw the artist’s latest artworks. Zurab Tsereteli told her about his acquaintance with Pablo Picasso and invited her to come to Moscow to visit the Russia Academy of Arts and Tsereteli Art Gallery, as well as the Moscow Museum of Modern Art for the discussion of cooperation development.

Diana Widmaier Picasso is a granddaughter of Pablo Picasso and Marie-Therese Walter. She is an art historian and specializes in modern art. She has been a curator of several major exhibitions, including the recent one in Grand Palais “Picasso. Mania” dedicated to Picasso and his influence on art world, as well as also works as a consultant for auction houses, art dealers and collectors.

Pablo Picasso is one of Tsereteli’s favorite artists. His image was depicted by Tsereteli in various types of fine arts – painting, sculpture, graphics, enamel.

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