Research and Practical Conference “Modern Museum and Private Art Collecting: Ways of Development”

The Russian Academy of Arts, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and “Vyatskoye” Historical and Cultural Complex (Yaroslavl) invite you to take part in the Research and Practical Conference “Modern Museum and Private Art Collecting: Ways of Development”, that will take place at the “Vyatskoye” Historical and Cultural Complex (Yaroslavl) on September 13-15, 2016.

The Conference will be held within the framework of one of the main directions of fundamental studies of the Russian Academy of Arts – Integration of the Scientific and Creative Knowledge in the Process of Preservation of the Cultural and Spiritual Heritage.  It is aimed at discussing urgent problems of the development of modern museum business and private art collecting and includes the following sections:
•    Museum in the World and Russian History
•    The Role of Private Art Collecting in the Formation of the National Museum Space
•    Museum and Today’s Viewer
•    Art Collector and Art Market

Topics to be discussed:
-    Museum – private collection: historical retrospective;
-    Museums of the USSR: private collection – state museum;
-    The collection of Russian art of the first third of the 20th century: problems of formation and existence
-    Private art collecting in 1930-1970-s: lost collections;
-    Leading Russian museums and private collecting;
-    Art collectors and philanthropists: formation of the Russian cultural heritage (Schukin, Morozov, etc.)
-    On the talent of art collecting: from the history of magazines dedicated to private collecting;
-    From the history of the Moscow Club of Art Collectors;
-    Russian auctions:  the emergence, development and present status;
-    Art collectors and private collection in a modern museum;
-    Development of a museum collection: problems of donation;
-    Provincial museums and private collectors;
-    New private museums: from the history of modern Russian museum business;
-    Collector in the space of an art market (Christies’, Sotheby’s);
-    Russian art market and today’s problems of art collecting;
-    Establishment of new museums: problems of collecting and management;
-    Russian Cultural Foundation and formation of the national legacy;
-    Museum in the 21st  century: new forms and aims.  

The materials of the Conference are planned will be published after the Conference.    

Please, send your applications until August 15, 2016.  
Contact information: the Research and Organizing Department of the Russian Academy of Arts: Tatyana Kochemasova, Maria Vyazhevich, Nadezhda Mukhina
Tel: +7 495 637 76 79,  +7 962  200 7585
Fax: +7 495 637 4386

Application form:
1. Name and surname
2. Date of birth
3. Working place
4. Position
5. Scientific degree
6. Name of the paper and main abstracts (1000-2000 signs)
7. Contact telephones
8. E-mail

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