Art Therapy. Synthesis of Science, Medicine and Art: Symposium at the Russian Academy of Arts

The Russian Academy of Arts invites you to take part in the symposium “Art Therapy. Synthesis of Science, Medicine and Art”, that will take place at the Russian Academy of Arts (19 Prechistenka street, Moscow) on March 18, 2016. The Symposium will be held within the framework of the Second International Congress “Sanatorium and Resort Treatment”.

The goal of the Symposium is to discuss urgent problems of art therapy development in the context of research, educational and practical programs, prospects of further cooperation and exchange of experience. It is planned to publish the results of the Symposium.  

Topics to be discussed:
- Methods of art therapy and the specifics of their practical application
- Problems of the development of art therapy programs and their implementation in the state medical centers
- Ways of development of art therapy educational programs
- Art therapy: scientific discipline/actual art form

Please, send your applications to:

Application form:
1. Name and surname
2. Date of birth
3. Place of work
4. Position
5. Scientific degree
6. Report title and main points (1000-2000 signs)
7. Contact telephone
8. E-mail

Contact information: 495 637 7679
                                  Tatyana Kochemasova
                                  Nadezhda Mukhina
                                  Maria Vyazhevich

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