Exhibition Dedicated to the Jubilee of the Great Ballet Dancer Maya Plisetskaya

At A. Bakhrushin State Theater Museum on November 16, 2015 there was an opening for the exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the great ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya. The perfectly tuned style of the exposition allows us to figuratively touch the extraordinary talent and individuality of the great actress and woman.  On display are sketches of costumes, drawings, portraits, photographs, sculptural compositions, video recordings of the performances with Maya Plisetskaya starring.

The centerpieces of the exhibition are her numerous original stage costumes. These are the famous small black dress of Carmen created by the Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Boris Messerer for the Bolshoi Theater performance of 1967 in the production of A. Alonso; lovely and airy costume of Nina Zarechnaya designed by Vladimir Levental for the “Chaika” ballet by Rodion Schedrin; effective dress of Aurora from the “Sleeping Beauty” ballet designed by Simon Virsaladze, costumes designed for Maya Plisetskaya by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin.  

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition Boris Messerer shared his memories of Maya Plisetskaya paying special attention to the early years of her career.  

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