The Russian Academy of Arts and UNESCO Chair for Fine Arts and Architecture
invite you to take part in the international forum “World Culture as a Resource for Sustainable Development”, that will take place on May 10-12, 2015 at the Russian Academy of Arts, 21 Prechistenka street, Moscow. The event has been included in the official program of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO.  

The project is being held within the program of fundamental researches of the Russian Academy of Arts. The Forum’s main goals are the promotion of strengthening of mutual respect principles and mutual understanding among nations, representatives of various cultures and religious confessions, systematization of current knowledge and study of the phenomenon of cultural traditions of peoples of the world, as well as multinational cultural space of Russia, activation of processes of research and educational contact development between research, educational, museum and exhibition institutions.

Figures of culture, science, education, representatives of religious confessions, UNESCO experts, as well as young scientists, artists, teachers are invited for participation in the Forum highlighting a major research conference that will deal with the world and Russian culture development, as well as world and Russian visual art. The Forum is to be accompanied by multimedia presentations, panel discussions and master classes.

Topics to be discussed:

World Culture as a Resource for Sustainable Development:
- globalization of culture: critical and apologetic views;
- world culture and problems of national identity preservation;
- impact of scientific and technical progress on the traditional sphere of art;
- world religions and their role in the formation of art space;
- study of the potential of art in the fight against negative trends of today’s society: problems of the youth upbringing;
- art as a method of assertion of principles of mutual respect and understanding among nations: analysis of historical and cultural experience and modern approaches;
- national art traditions in the system of moral upbringing;
- national culture and contemporary art in the system of tourism development;
- cultural projects as a method of efficient social action;
art against war: historical memory and artistic reflection.

Dialogue of Cultures in the Russian Art Space:
- the peculiarity of national traditions and their impact on the development of  contemporary fine arts, architecture and design;
- problems of the preservation of historical and cultural memory;
- culture as a protective element of Russian identity;
- national culture and academic school: forms of integration;
- contemporary traditional art of Russian regions: individual creative work,  instruments of adaptation and innovative searches;
- folk, decorative and applied art in the system of Russian multi-national culture;
- Russian folk art as a potential for Russian design development;
- problems of professional development of the school of  performing art;
- peculiarities of the national art education development.

The conference proceedings will be published after the conference. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject the papers submitted at its own discretion.
Please, submit your application forms with theses of your lectures till April 10, 2015:

Application form:
1. Name, surname
2. Working place and position
3. Scientific degree and rank (if available)
4. E-mail, contact telephone number, postal address
5. The topic of the paper
6. Summary of the lecture (not more than 1000 signs)
7. Photo or video presentation (if available)
8. Time of  lectures  - not more than 20 minutes

Contact: Research and Organizing Department of the Russian Academy of Arts: Tatyana Kochemasova,  Nadezhda Mukhina, Olga Subbotina
Tel: +7 495 637 7679, +7 985 765 5857
Fax: +7 495 637 4386  

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