The Dream of the Sky Sculpture Created by Zurab Tsereteli Was Presented as a Gift to the International Civil Aviation Organization

The International Civil Aviation Organization is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The President of the Interstate Council for Aviation, Head of the Interstate Aviation Committee, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Academician, Honored Worker of Science Tatyana Anodina-Pleshakova presented on the occasion a remarkable gift. “|This is a unique sculpture of a girl holding a drawing personifying the humanity’s dream of conquering the sky and symbolizing the aspiration for peace. The author of the sculpture which I entitled “The Dream of the Sky” is a celebrated artist and sculptor, Academician Zurab Tsereteli, my old friend. It is his work – the emblem of the International Civil Aviation Organization that has been adorning the conference hall of the International Civil Aviation Organization for more than 40 years. It was also our gift to the Organization” – said Tatyana Anodina-Pleshakova to pressmen. Now, the sculpture is a highlight of the Museum of the Organization’s Headquarters.

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