Bayonne has accepted Zurab Tsereteli's teardrop memorial.

NJ.Com reports Bayonne has accepted Zurab Tsereteli’s teardrop memorial that was rejected by Jersey City. Soviet artist Zurab Tsereteli to put the 100-foot tall monument on the city’s waterfront, at the former Military Ocean Terminal, now known as the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor. The roughly nine-story monument - a rectangular block with a fissure down the middle with a 40-foot glass teardrop suspended in it - is called “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism.
”Frank Perrucci, chairman of the Bayonne memorial committee, said the sculptor and his associates would bear the cost of building the monument. Officials said the memorial will be made of steel and sheathed in bronze. It will sit on a 9-stepped, 11-sided black granite base. Inscribed on the platform in gold lettering will be the names of those who perished on Sept. 11, 2001 - at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania - and of those who died in the Feb. 26, 1993, attack on the World Trade Center.
Nearby, there will be two plaques - one explaining that the memorial is a gift from the Russian people and its symbolism, and the other highlighting the names of at least 14 past and present Bayonne residents who died in the 1993 and 2001 terrorist attacks, officials said. Tsereteli’s works of art are on display at the United Nations in New York and across the globe, including in Rome, London, Moscow and Tbilisi, Seville and Tokyo.
Although the memorial is being donated by Moscow and the people of Russia, Perrucci said the Bayonne memorial committee will continue to raise funds to cover costs associated with such items as the park’s landscaping and brick pavers, which he said could be used as personalized memorials.

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