29.06.2005 The outstanding sculptor, President of the Russian Academy of Arts Z.K.Tsereteli is conferred the rank of officer of Order of Arts and Literature one of the most prestigious awards of France.

The award was first instituted in 1957 and is conferred to the outstanding figures of culture of France and worldwide. The Order of Arts and Literature is conferred by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of France with the assistance of a special committee.
For a considerable contribution to the development of culture the orders were conferred to Jorge Luis Borges, singers Moncerrat  Kaballier and Jose Carreras, actresses Janna Moro and Vanessa Redgreiv world-famous conductor Kent Nagano, Japanese architect Tadao Ando.
Z.Tsereteli’s creative work is known worldwide. His monumental woks are installed in many countries. Lately the master has created a few monuments dedicated to the outstanding figures of world society. Such monuments as: Honore de Balsac in France and General Charles de Gaulle in Moscow. The inauguration of the monument to Charles de Gaulle was held on May 9 2005 on the days of celebrations dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War, on a significant historical day, in the presence of Presidents of two countries – Jacques Chiraque and Vladimir Putin.More:

-About the monument to Charles de Gaulle

-The monument to General de Gaulle unveiled in Moscow 

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