Ribbon-cutting ceremony of the monument to Charles de Gaulle

Date: 09.05.2005

Moscow. Hotel Kosmos. Square named after Charles de Gaulle. The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the monument to General  Charles de Gaulle was visited by the President of France Jacques Chirac.

The monument to outstanding political figure and founder of the 5th republic was set up in the square named after him in front of the hotel Kosmos.

Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac greeted French veterans invited to the celebrations of the anniversary of the Great Victory in Moscow. "Russia and France will never forget the unity of two countries that fought against fascism" – stated Putin. The President of Russia called Charles de Gaulle outstanding political figure of the XXth century.

The author of the monument is Zurab Tsereteli. 8m high figure of ex–president of France in a military uniform is set up on 10 m high pedestal.

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