A gift of Zurab Tsereteli to the Moscow University

University consists of significant pages in the history of Russia.Thousands of specialists with high level of qualification graduated from the Moscow University. Among them are world-famous scientists, laureates of Nobel Prize, eminent writers and artists, businessmen, politics, public and religious figures. Diploma students live and work in different parts of Russia as well as in different countries all over the world. Nowadays The Moscow University is the symbol of devotion to science and education.

The opening of a new Fundamental Library is an important present and central event of anniversary celebrations of the Moscow State University. The total area of the “depositary of books” is 55 thousand of sq.m. The library consists of 5 parts with assembly and reading halls, museums of history of the university, special lecture halls and other halls. The main is the depositary of books that consists of 5 million volumes.

The preparations for interior decoration were started in February 2004. According to the head of the University Victor Sadovnichii a new complex will be “today's university“ and interior depositary decoration should coincide with its high status.

It was decided to attract high creative potential of the President of the Russian Academy of Art Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli in this project, he “has a great experience of working on the Cathedral Christ the Savior, War Memorial Complex in Poklonnaya Hill and many other works”. (V.E. Resin). Noteworthy is that Tsereteli has a talent to create his works in a short time.

Creative group under the guidance of Tsereteli fulfilled design-projects of the library interiors Vip zones, chandeliers, lamp-brackets, memorial boards with extracts from MSU regulations, act drop of the conference hall. The front of a new building is decorated with a 14m high emblem of MSU and inscription:

MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov

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