Dates: August 03 – September 10, 2023

Venue: “Millennium” Concert and Entertainment Center (53 Kotorosl Embankment, Yaroslavl)


The Russian Academy of Arts and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art present the “New Russian Landscape. The Dialogue in Time” exhibition project to be held as part of the Second Festival of Modern Art in Yaroslavl. The exhibition features almost 200 works of art including painting, graphic art, sculptures, installations by 55 artists fr om Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl. These are Petr Ossovsky, Dmitry Zhilinsky, Igor Obrosov, Nikolai Andronov, Alexey Shmarinov, Efrem Zverkov, Lev Shepelev, Vitaly Petrov-Kamchatsky, Victor Ivanov, Boris Messerer, Tatyana Nazarenko, Pavel Nikonov, Zurab Tsereteli, Victor Kalinin, Nikolai Mukhin, Victor Glukhov, Evgeny Maximov, Konstantin Khudyakov, Alexander Suvorov, Irina Starzhenetskaya, Victor Razgulin, Konstantin Petrov, Leonid Baranov, Alexander Tsigal, Dmitry Tugarinov, Sergey Milchenko, Gennady Krasnoshlykov, Fyodor Konyukhov, Fyodor Novotelnov, Elena Mukhina and other noted masters. According to the curators’ concept of the Academicians Elena Tsereteli, Tatyana Kochemasova and Nadezhda Mukhina the exhibition focuses on works of the artists whose masterpieces are in collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, funds of the Russian Academy of Arts, Yaroslavl Art Museum and many other major museums of Russia.


The landscape has been and remains one of the most important and favorite genres. In the time of rapidly developing technologies, digitization, popularity of photography and video art landscapes are still in demand and of great value. The theme “The Dialogue in Time” seems to be very significant for understanding of the great art heritage, cultural code preserved by Russian artists for many centuries. The Russian Academy of Arts is a kind of an outpost protecting in this country the best traditions of fine arts, Russian professional school that is considered to be unique in the world. The Academy continues its educational and enlightening activity by organizing major traveling exhibitions and research conferences in Russian cities.


Of special interest is a hall with the installation of Dmitry Petrov dedicated to the upcoming premiere of his animated film “Dam”, dealing with urgent spiritual, social, historical and ecological problems.


The Festival offers three days of free admission:


AUGUST 3, 2023: 17.00 – 19.00 – The Festival Opening

The Festival opening ceremony includes a concert of winners of the First Festival of Musical Ethno Art “YarEthno” and is a good opportunity to meet with artists and art historians of the Russian Academy of Arts.


AUGUST 28, 2023: 14.00 – The Day of Russian Cinema

It includes a creative meeting with the artist Dmitry Petrov wh ere he will share his experience and tell about the history and stages of the creation of his animated film “Dam”.


SEPTEMBER 1, 2923. The Day of Knowledge

At 12.00 there will be an excursion with the exhibition curators and Academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts

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