Dates: October 05 – 23, 2022
Venue: Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts
             21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The Russian Academy of Arts presents a jubilee solo exhibition of one of the leading Russian painters, member of M. B. Grekov Studio of Military Artists, People’s Artist of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Dmitry Belyukin. The true follower of traditions of Russian classical painting school, Dmitry Belyukin for more than 35 years of his career has created more than 850 works in various genres of fine arts including portrait, landscape, still life, easel graphics, book illustrations and historical painting.

Dmitry Belyukin is an artist who visions the historical canvas as a significant art object.  Knowing the history well, he chooses the event that resonates with today, thoroughly studies characters, fates, costumes and everyday life of this or that time and works at the call of his heart without waiting for a public or private commission. This is how some of his best works were painted which immediately brought fame to the young artist: “White Russia”, “Exodus” (1992-1994) and “Fragments” (1996). The historical truth and love for the much-suffered history of his Fatherland have been and remain the artist’s main landmarks in his effort to raise an untouched layer of history.

The jubilee exhibition at the Russian Academy of Arts is a rare opportunity to see Belyukin’s recent canvases created for the last five years. These are new works for his Pushkin series, large-scale paintings dedicated to the epoch of the end of the Times of Trouble and the first tsars of the Romanov dynasty -   “The Wedding to the Kingdom of Mikhail F. Romanov”, “Alexey M. Romanov and the Patriarch Tikhon Are Discussing the Construction of the New Jerusalem”, “Bear Hunting at the Time of Alexey M. Romanov”.  For the first time on display there will be the grandiose triptych “The End of the Third Reich. The Victory Parade on June 24, 1945”.

As a Member of M.B. Grekov Studio of Military Artists of the Russian Defense Ministry Dmitry Belyukin has recently produced a number of paintings that are of great interest in terms of  content and themes ranging fr om his “The Clergy Control  Over Weights and Measures in Veliky Novgorod at the early 18th  century” to the theme of Russian sailors’ help to victims of the earthquake in the Italian Messina in 1908 – “Angels from the Sea”.
For five years Dmitry Belyukin has been also working for Sergey Andriyaka Academy of Watercolor wh ere he teaches the course of composition. The exhibition will be accompanied by meetings of the artist with the viewers and students of art institutions.

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