Dates: April 13 – May 10, 2022

Venue: Exhibition hall of Ivan Pozhalostin Ryazan Regional Art Museum,

            112 Yesenin street, Ryazan

Ivan Pozhalostin Ryazan Regional Art Museum in partnership with ROSISO State Museum and Exhibition Center, as well as the Russian Ministry of Culture present an exhibition project featuring works by the First Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts (RAA) Victor Kalinin, Academician of the RAA Vadim Kulakov (1939-2017), Academician of the RAA Vasily Bubnov (1942-2021) and Corresponding Member of the RAA Nikita Medvedev (1950-2018).

The exhibition entitled “The Mount Athos in Works of Russian Artists” includes more than 50 works of painting, graphics, enamel and mosaic devoted to the Mount Athos  - the old monastery center of the Orthodox Church. Revered as the Inheritance of the Virgin, since the 10th century it has been hosting monks and pilgrims of various nationalities giving them a possibility to conduct services in their native language. In 2015 and 2016 the participants of the exhibition made their pilgrimage trip to the Mount Athos. The local nature, majestic architecture of the monasteries have become the core of the unique art cycles. Different in their technique and manner they tell about the life of monks and pilgrims in the Mount Athos captured through the prism of personal perception.

This is a traveling exhibition project. Ryazan is the first city on the tour to be followed by Saratov and Sarov.

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