Dates: February 09 – March 08, 2022
Venue: Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts
19 Prechistenka street, Moscow. The entry is only upon presentation of the QR-code and ID document

Organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow in partnership with the Russian Academy of Arts the Hidden Flow of Colors exhibition presents works by the famous Italian photographer Marcella Simonelli. The curator: Giovanna Dalla Chiesa.

Marcella Simonelli was born in Naples in 1955 where she graduated in law and in 1979 on the occasion of her graduation was given a camera that changed her way of looking at and feeling things. Natural and architectural landscapes became her favorite objects through which the artist tried to convey the atmosphere of the environment and personal emotions. Marcella Simonelli’s love of details, rich colors and contrasts gradually led to her fascination of the water element. The topic of water has taken one of the main places in her work. Being enchanted by the play of light on the water surface, catching a variety of rhythms of wave movement, the artist makes an attempt to fix the states that can most accurately express the essence of this element.

The water is known as a source of life and energy, beauty and welfare, the bridge connecting countries and people. The surface of the water and the reflections on it are sometimes just a flat background, but it becomes completely different when it moves. The water reflects reality from a different angle changing our perception of the world around us. The photographer is confident, that preserving its nature but being in constant transformation the water also reflects the human inner world – elusive and constantly evolving.

The exhibition has been conceived to make the viewers think of many important issues: beauty, life, surrounding world, salvation and hope. One of its goals is to achieve the effect of the viewer's complete immersion into visual, sound and emotional vibrations. "Sounds and colors are vibration phenomena of one and the same nature, the receptors of which are men: colors are perceived faster than sounds but in the end it is vibration that causes our emotions" (Maurice Touze).

The creative meeting with the artist and curator of the exhibition is planned to take place in early March and will be accompanied by the performance of an Italian musician using a unique musical instrument imitating sounds of the moving water.

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