Dates: March 16 - April 4, 2021

Venue: Yaroslavl Art Museum

23 Volga Embankment, Yaroslavl

Within the Art Non-Stop annual festival of modern art the Yaroslavl Art Museum presents an exhibition of Tatyana Nazarenko, one of the celebrated Russian artists, People's Artist of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Tatyana Nazarenko graduated fr om V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute in 1968 wh ere she studied under Dmitry Zhilinsky and Alexey Gritsai, worked for the Creative Workshop of the USSR Academy of Arts headed by Gely Korzhev (1968-1972). For many years Prof. Tatyana Nazarenko has chaired the Easel Painting Department of V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute.

In her works the artist combines traditions of classical art, Soviet realist art school, with techniques of 20th century avant-garde directions. The range of genres is diverse and includes painting, landscape, portrait, everyday life. Tatyana Nazarenko creates a special pictorial reality in which time and history are categories producing an integral space focused on a human.

The exhibition core are paintings of the 2000-2010s depicting summer rest, village folk feasts, life in the country and leisure time of the European public. In her large canvases she consistently develops her main topic of a man as part of the universe.

Among her works exhibited in Yaroslavl there are bright, mysterious, sometimes devoid of actions paintings dedicated to the carnival in Venice speaking the language of allegories. One can also see famous fake figures from the Transition installation. "I have always been interested in people, I can not turn my back on someone else's grief", - says Nazarenko. "To make people think, to encourage them to be sympathetic is the main goal of my work".

Tatyana Nazarenko works a lot and enthusiastically, is actively involved in the exhibition activity in Russia and other countries. Her work constantly changes obtaining new shapes, intonations and always remains relevant.

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