Dates: November 09-23, 2019

Venue: Galerie Moenius AG  (Bern, Switzerland,  Belpstrasse 3, Murizentrum)


The artists Tatyana Nazarenko and Igor Novikov present their exhibition “Metamorphoses” in the auction house Galerie Moenius AG in Bern.  Tatyana Nazarenko is a Professor and teacher, for a long time she has headed the Easel Painting Department of V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute.


Today, Tatyana Nazarenko is among the most distinguished Russian artists whose canvases are in collections of major state museums and private art galleries. Tatyana Nazarenko is a People’s Artist of Russia, Academician and Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts, holder of many prizes and awards including the State Prize of Russia, the Prize of Moscow, Triumph Prize. Her art world is characters of multi-figured compositions frequently involved in joint activity, but each of them is immersed in his own world. Everyone is alone in this active holiday of life and the artist gives the viewers an opportunity to enter the canvas space and feel the piercing loneliness in a close circle of people.


The Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Igor Novikov is a provocative, avant-garde artist. “I think, that artists should express themselves the way they see it and time will show who was right and managed to depict his  epoch” – says the artist. 

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