Dates: October 10, 2019 – January 10,2020
Venue: D10 Art Space 6, rue Ami Lullin/15, Bvd Helvetique 1207 Geneve

The Geneve D10 Art Space Gallery presents a solo exhibition of the world-renowned artist, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli entitled Monumental. Geneva already hosts Tsereteli’s monument to Sergio Vieira de Mello, UN Special Representative who was killed during a terrorist attack while on assignment in Iraq. This time the master will show 93 works executed in various techniques – fr om serigraphy to enamel.

“We have carefully selected the works for the exhibition to emphasize the multi-sided talent of Zurab Tsereteli. We wanted to introduce contemporary Russian art to Swiss public and decided to do it monumentally” – said the owner of the D10 Art Space Gallery Victoria Dzodziev.

Each of the works is unique, at the same rime the influence of works by Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall can be traced throughout the display collection, Tsereteli has got to know them in person when he lived and worked in Paris. The author of numerous paintings, graphic sheets, sculptures, monumental and decorative arts he masterfully conveys on canvases, paper and enamel the lust for life, excitement, nostalgia and sadness. Tsereteli paints in bright colors dreams of the past and the future brilliantly weaving a piece of his native Georgia in many of his canvases.

“This is an exhibition about Russia and Georgia, about everything in the world, about each of us. In each artwork you can see new Tsereteli, not only a world renowned artist, but a man who loves, suffers, grieves, experiences. It is this sincerity that creates a real master whose work is sure to be appreciated in Switzerland” – noted Victoria Dzodziev.

The exhibition in Geneve is being held under the support of The Ritz-Carlton, Hotel de la Paix, wh ere will also be exhibited Zurab Tsereteli’s works in the enamel technique.

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