Time to Collect Stones: Solo Exhibition of the People’s Artist of Russia Dmitry Belyukin at the Russian Academy of Arts

Dates: 14.11.2017-03.12.2017
Venue: Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts
            21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

Timed to the 55th anniversary of the renowned Moscow painter, People’s Artist of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Dmitry Belyukin the exhibition features almost 200 paintings mostly produced by the master for the last five years.

Dmitry Belyukin, a true follower of the classical school, works in all the pictorial genres – historical painting, portrait, landscape, book illustration. The title of the jubilee exhibition “Time to collect stones” is a quote from the Bible that heralds the immersion of the viewer into the landscapes of the Holy Land and implies an idea “to collect stones” in all the spheres of our public and spiritual life. On display are canvases from the artist’s well-known series “Holy Places of Christianity”, paintings resulted from his numerous trips to Mount Athos (Greece), Russian remote northern monasteries, to Jerusalem, Rome and other spiritual sites.

From the vast gallery of portraits created by Dmitry Belyukin throughout his creative career the exhibition presents several portraits of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, portraits of Russian Emperor Peter I, portrait of one of the greatest Russian commanders of the 18th century Alexander Suvorov.  

Dmitry Belyukin is also one of the leading painters of M. Grekov Studio of Military Artists. His battle scenes such as “The Morning of the Battle of Borodino” (The War of 1812), “The Last Feat of a Naval Squadron” (The Crimean War) are distinguished by the author’s interpretation of historical events, his personal empathy and expressive colors. Many of his works are devoted to the theme of the White Movement (White Army) depicting tragic events and fates after the Revolution of 1917.  The works of the artist are in many state art museums and private collections in Russia and other countries.