The Silk Way. The Caravan of Art: Exhibition of Paintings by the Chinese Artist Mu Ke

Dates: April 7 – May 9, 2017
Venue: Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts. Tsereteli Art Gallery
            19 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The exhibition of the distinguished Chinese artist, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Mu Ke features almost forty paintings incorporating      modern trends, his world view and traditional philosophy. The artist works mainly in the European technique of oil painting, creates landscapes, architectural sketches and still life pictures.  

The centerpieces of the exhibition are works from the artist’s two major cycles: “War and Peace” in memory of Leo Tolstoy (2017) and “The Dialogue between an Air Stream and Image of the Object” (2016). More than one hundred years have passed since the decease of Leo Tolstoy but his books are still of undeniable global importance and continue to feed our minds. In his canvases Mu Ke depicts his personal comprehension of the ideas and characters of the great novel.

The landscape cycle “The Dialogue between an Air Stream and Image of the Object” corresponds to the traditional Chinese genre “mountains and water” and features the typical for Chinese art composition enclosed in a circle or an oval. The nature in the paintings of Mu Ke, in contrast to the contemplation and tranquility of traditional landscapes, is full of vital energy and inner dynamics. He presents a more modern interpretation of this traditional theme. His free, textured brushstroke conveys the contrast between the majestic cliffs, sea waves and calmness of the sky. The air environment created by the color and light in the artist’s works plays an independent emotional role. The compositional frames seem to restrain the natural power and simultaneously unite all the elements thus emphasizing the world harmony.  

As the art critic U Weijia put it: “The paintings of Mu Ke combine the firmness and solidity characteristic of the works by artists from Northern China and the frankness and vitality typical of the art of the South of China. In his art are entwined the styles of the South and North, they are in an endless dialogue adding each other and improving the perfection of an artwork”.

Mu Ke was born in the city of Qiqihar of Heilongjiang province in 1981. In 2004 he graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts and Design of the Qiqihar University. After his study at the Art Institute of the Nanjing Pedagogical University in2006 he started teaching painting to students of the Heihe University.
In 2013 the artist continued his education in Russia at V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute in the studio of the People’s Artist of the USSR, Russia and Azerbaijan, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Tair Salakhov. At present he is perfecting his skills as a post-graduate of V. Surikov Art Institute.

In 2015 Mu Ke was elected an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. He is a holder of the Silver Medal of the Artists’ Union of Russia. Since 2001 his works have been exhibited at art shows in the Great Britain, China, North Korea, Portugal, Russia, U.S.A.

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