En Face/Profile: Exhibition of One Painting by the Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Nickolai Shumakov

April 02 – 08, 2016
Exhibition hall of the Central House of Architects
Granatny  Pereulok 7, building 1
Moscow, Russia

The Central House of Architects presents an exhibition of the latest painting by the Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts  Nickolai Shumakov.  He started  working at the canvas in 2011 and completed it on April 1, 2016.

The En Face/Profile painting is a result of the many years’ reflections and contemplations of the author. Nickolai Shumakov is an architect and painter who created his own unique artistic space where equally co-exist the philosophy of an architectural form, metaphors of folk art, antique, Old Greek comprehension of the world with its wisdom, Dionysian fun and reverence for the harmony.

He depicts not the surface of the phenomenon, but its essence. His still lifes are conceptual, his portraits are emotional and full of love for life - passionate and  sensitive. The things that are not available to the eye of an ordinary artist, can be seen through the eyes of an ironic artist. Nickolai Shumakov has this irony inherent to post-modern in abundance. A human character through the prism of irony becomes an author’s concept.

The way how diligently and powerfully Nickolai Shumakov creates his world out of elements sel ected by him fr om the cultural experience of architecture and painting can be defined by Andrey Platonov’s citation: “What for do we need a labor as a repetition of monotonous processes, it is necessary to replay it by the continuous  creativity of inventions”.  

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