Kirill Danelia. New Archaeology: Exhibition at A.A. Bakhrushin Museum

March 18 – April 24, 2016
A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theater Museum
31/12 Bakhrushin street, Moscow

Kirill Danelia is an artist, art collector, antique dealer, owner of “Fusion Culture Gallery” (Moscow), Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The exhibition at A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theater Museum features two incarnations of the artist: artist – researcher of the objective world and urban culture of the late 20th century, as well as collector of world art – monuments of ancient civilizations.

On display are almost 30 works by Kirill Danelia, these are mostly his still lifes and art objects. The main objects of his pictures are artefacts of everyday life, fragments of urban space. His works are things with character, with their history and the artist’s every still life becomes a portrait of today’s urban culture.

Pictures and art objects of Kirill Danelia are in collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Regional Art Museum in Ivanovo, Tver Regional Picture Gallery, A.N. Radischev State Art Museum in Saratov.

The exposition also includes works by those who inspired Kirill Danelia in his life and profession, these are graphic works by George Danelia and Rezo Gabriadze, paintings of the scene designer Oleg Sheintsis – teacher of Kirill Danelia at the School-Studio of the Moscow Art Academic Theater, works by Vladimir Nemukhin and Ernest Neizvestny, sketches for costumes by Nelli Arshavskaya, drawings by Theodor Tezhik and works of Vitaly Dlugy who Kirill considers his Teacher.

Kirill Danelia is one of the few Russian collectors specializing in ancient times, ancient Asia and Orient. This time on display are the Gandhara Region sculpture of the III-IV century, Chinese ceramics of the 1-IX century from the collection of O.V. Kovtunovich – noted Soviet collector, diplomat-orientalist, personal interpreter of N.S. Khruschev. A large section of the exhibition is dedicated to the 19th century Japanese prints represented by such artists as Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), Utagawa Kunisada also known as  Toyokuni III (1786-1865), Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) – author of the famous cycle “47 Ronins”.

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