The Facets of Realism: Group Exhibition of the Far East Painters in Krasnoyarsk

October  20 – November 21, 2015
Exhibition halls of the Far East, Urals and Siberia Regional Department of the Russian Academy of Arts
197 Prospect of Krasnoyarsky Rabochiy, Krasnoyarsk

The Urals, Siberia and Far East Regional Department of the Russian Academy of Arts presents a group exhibition of the Far East painters Alexander Tkachenko (Ussuriysk), Vladimir Listrovoy (Lesozavodsk), Evgeni Zverev (Blagoveschensk), Vladimir Serov (Ussuriysk), Alexey Avdeev (Khabarovsk) and Vitali Lakhanski (Nakhodka) featuring almost 100 works of various years.

The exhibition participants are artists of various generations. Their creative methods were formed under different circumstances and conditions. However, they all clearly demonstrate the features of the Far East art school. Colorful, positive and life-affirming paintings are created under the influence of the peculiar Far East landscape which is one of the main themes in the artists’ work.        

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