Solo Show of Works by Pal Sarcozy at the Russian Academy of Arts

20 August – 20 September, 2015
Tsereteli Art Gallery
19 Prechistenka street, Moscow

On September 1, 2015 the Russian Academy of Arts and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art are presenting the solo show of the Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, artist and writer Pal Sarcozy.

“My life has been full of adventures, events and unpredictable twists of fate. I love women. I love my children. Because when I saw them grow, I taught them a lot and watching them I learnt from them. Today I take life the way it is but always with joy and philosophically without any illusions of myself and others. At my 87 I understand that the curtain can fall at any moment. The painting is the thing that brings me real pleasure…”  - Pal Sarcozy.  

It is not the first exhibition of Pal Sarcozy in Moscow. In 2011 in Tsereteli Art Gallery there was a major retrospective of collaborative digital art works by Pal Sarcozy and Werner Hornung entitled “Unconscious”. Sarcozy’s traditional graphic approach and Hornung’s experience and talent in computer design resulted in their new individual style defined as “digital fine art”. The retrospective was exhibited in more than 20 countries.  

Already at the first glance at the artist’s works one can get an idea of his life philosophy, his passion for life and desire for something new. Recently the artist has conceived the idea to create an exhibition Art Dominos to show portraits of people of various nationalities, cultural traditions, social and religious groups depicted by Pal Sarcozy on the principle of dominoes. The integration of these episodes in a single picture allows a viewer to see the interaction of topics presented as a whole or individually. His rich life experience and artistic imagination provide an opportunity for broad interpretation of his works as diverse as his life.

The present solo show presenting almost 70 works by Pal Sarcozy that include his collages and recent canvases immerse us into the artist’s unusual world and reveal many facets of his talent appreciated in very many countries.

Biography: The descendant of Hungarian nobility, a foreign legionary, businessman, father of five children (one of whom was the President of France), an artist and writer whose life is certainly a movie material, Pal Istvan Erno Nagybocsai Sarkozy (Sarcozy von Nagybosca) was born in Budapest in 1928. His family belonged to Hungarian nobility and dates back to 1628, when they received their title from the Emperor Ferdinand II, King of Bohemia and Hungary.

In 1944 Pal fled to Western Europe. After numerous adventures in Austria and a brief return to his native country, young Sarcozy went back to Austria in 1948 and was recruited by the French Foreign Legion. Not wishing to be part of the bloody war in Indochina he left it only four months later. He then moved to Marseille but settled in Paris shortly thereafter. From then on, life only got better for the future father of the French President. In 1950 he married Andree Mallah, a law student and daughter of a well-known doctor whose practice was in the respectable 17th Arrondissement. The couple has three children: Guillaume (1952), Nicolas (1955) and Francois (1957). The marriage would not be his last. Today, Pal Sarcozy lives with his fourth wife Ines, whom he married in 1970.

Years later, Sarcozy described his beginning in Paris: “It took me fifteen days to find a job, one year to get married, ten years to become the father of three children and to establish my own business”. In 1960 he founded his own advertisement agency which brought him a fortune. But at the start of the new century he gave up his business to finally dedicate his time and passion to art.  

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