Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe. Archive M: Exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

June 18-August 23, 2015
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
10 Gogolevsky Boulevard, Moscow

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the XL Projects and Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe Foundation present the Archive M project comprising the artist’s all well-known series: “The Politbureau” (1990), “Unhappy Love” (1994), “The Life of Illustrious People” (1996), “The Russian Questions” (1997), “Lyubov Orlova” (2000), “The Tale of Time Lost” (2001) and others, as well as series never exhibited before such as “Barbie” (2005), “Psycho” (2006), “Ivan the Terrible” (2010).

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