Nickolai Tereschenko. Painting. Pavel Turaev. Sculpture: Exhibition at the Russian Academy of Arts

April 21 – May 5, 2015
Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts
21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The Russian Academy of Arts presents an exhibition of works by the Honored Artists of Russia, Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Arts Nickolai Tereschenko and Pavel Turaev.

The jubilee exhibition of the renowned Moscow sculptor Pavel Turaev “Sculpture 2015. Isomorphic Transformation and Other Experiments” features the artist’s recent works as well as a retrospective of his sculptures. Pavel Turaev was born in Moscow in 1955. In 1973 he graduated fr om the Moscow Secondary Art School, in 1979 – V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute where he majored in sculpture under the masters of Russian sculpture N.V. Tomsky and M.F. Baburin. Since 1983 – Member of the USSR Artists’ Union, Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia, Moscow Union of Artists and the Association of Moscow Sculptors. He is a holder of diplomas and medals of the Russian Academy of Arts and creative unions of Russia. His works are in museum collections in Russia and other countries, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad.  

The world of his sculptural images is distinguished by a polyphonic harmony of plastic forms, diversity of compositional designs and art styles. The artist possesses a rich arsenal of classical and modern sculptural means. Paying tribute to the traditions of the academic school, Pavel Turaev uses various methods of morphogenesis –  form extravagancy, elements of abstraction, constructive designs  while preserving the figurative representation of an image as “a unity of diversities”.

The works on display showcase the results of the artist’s experiments with various materials: bronze, ceramics, fire clay, plaster, etc. revealing expressive possibilities of each material.  The sculptural compositions, portraits, sculpture of small forms present the main themes of Pavel Turaev’s work – theses are portraits of our contemporaries, sports, his series “Nude”, sleep-walker, Eve-Edam, the world of animals and many others. The sculptor highly appreciates the traditions of the Russian academic school of sculpture and prooves, that today’s sculpture is a personification of the continuity of the link of times: the art of the past will always be a source of inspiration and rethinking.            

Exhibition of works by Nickolai Tereschenko in full measure characterizes the creative work of this interesting master. His works are always recognizable, each theme finds its unique pictorial interpretation being realized either in expressive bright canvases or colorful almost impressive pictures or works appealing to abstract art. It creates the impression of the artist’s diversity that more accurately reflects his contradictory individuality.

Nickolai Tereschenko was born in Moscow in 1953. In 1976 he graduated from V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute, wh ere he majored in easel painting under Prof. D.K. Mochalsky, G.G. Korolev, V.I. Nekrasov. In his student’s years he became a frequent participant in exhibitions of young artists, and later as a Member of the USSR Artists’ Union (since 1979) – in Moscow, Republican, All-Russian, international art shows. In his creative biography there are many solo exhibitions, the artist actively travels, gives master classes sharing his experience with younger generations of artists.

The basis of his creative work is high professionalism and traditions of classical art. His cycle on the Biblical topics, all his recent works strike us with bald frankness, each of them reveals new facets of the artist’s talent, the passionate uncompromising  nature of the person, who works the way he lives sharing his reflections through the language of art.  

His works are in the State Literature Museum in Orlov, Yaroslavl Art Museum, A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum in Moscow, Moscow Darvin Museum, Ludwig Museum in Cologne (Germany), in many private galleries and collections in Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, China.      

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