Tair Salakhov and The Youth: Exhibition in Baku

November 11 – 03 December 2014
Tair Salakhov House-Museum
Baku, Azerbaijan

On November 29, 2014 in Tair Salakhov House-Museum in Baku there was an opening ceremony for exhibition of works by young Azerbaijan artists organized by the Department of the State History and Architecture Preserve “Icherishekher”, Tair Salakhov House-Museum, Russian Information and Cultural Center in Baku and its creative club for young people “Constellation”. The art show is dedicated to the birthday of the renowned artist Tair Salakhov which he marks on November 29, 2014.

“The idea of arranging the exhibition appeared a few months ago and was supported by Tair Salakhov. This is the way how the artist, an experienced teacher expressed his sincere interest in the creative work of young Azerbaijan artists. On display are works by 25 students, graduates and teachers of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art. All the works are anyhow correlated with Tair Salakhov’s creative biography. These are not reproductions of his canvases but  an attempt to try to understand why the artist has preferred the themes depicted in his pictures” - comments Trend Life (Baku).

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