Photographs of Zurab Tsereteli’s Monuments Are on Show in Pyatigorsk

The show in A. Alyabiev House in Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Region presents photographs of major monuments by Zurab Tsereteli located throughout the world. The opening ceremony was attended by the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts S. Oleshnya, Chairman of the Artists’ Union of the Chechen Republic V. Umarsultanov, Head of the Pyatigorsk State Technological University V. Kaznacheev, representatives of art school in the Stavropol Region.

Among the photographs on display are Zurab Tsereteli’s monument to Peter the Great, monument to victims of Beslan, the War Memorial and Manezh Square in Moscow. The photograph of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow reminds the viewers of one of the most significant periods in the sculptor’s creative work who was in charge of the artistic decoration of the Cathedral which revival symbolized the rebirth and preservation of Russian spiritual and art traditions.

Well known are his sculptures that found their home in many countries of the world: monuments to Nickolai Gogol and St. Nicholas the Wonder-Worker in Italy; monuments to Pope John Paul II and Honore de Balzac in France; Monument to the Struggle Against World Terrorism in New York; sculptural composition “Birth of a New Man” in Spain. Impressive are not only the power of his works and the artist’s unsurpassed craftsmanship, but also his broad vision and ideas contained in each of his sculptural works.

After the exhibition the photographs will be handed over to the Pyatigorsk State Technological University.