Solo Exhibition of Works by President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli in Izhevsk

Organized by the City Hall of Izhevsk in association with the Russian Academy of Arts and timed to the 450th anniversary of Udmurtia’s affiliation with the Russian State, this solo exhibition of works by Zurab Tsereteli was inaugurated in Gallery Exhibition Hall in Izhevsk on May 23, 2008. It features Zurab Tsereteli’s paintings, sculpture, graphic art, small plastic sculptures. The master is represented by works from all his creative periods and in all the variety of his artistic interests.

It is an unparalleled opportunity for residents of Udmurtia to explore masterpieces of Tsereteli’s multi-sided talent. The exhibition encompasses the exhilarating kaleidoscope of works resulted from his ardent desire to work in all spheres, genres and media of modern art. Visitors will be able to see a special expressiveness in the artist’s strokes and plastic form. All exhibits on display illustrate clearly Tsereteli’s striking individuality and boundless energy.

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