Exhibition of Paintings by Andrei Tutunov

 The exhibition  commemorates the 80th anniversary of the Full Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, People’s Artist of Russia Andrei Tutunov by presenting a retrospective of his paintings in the exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Andrei Tutunov is a recognized master of contemporary home fine arts. A representative of Moscow school of painting, he continues the traditions of the Union of Russian Artists, first and foremost Constantine Korovin and Constantine Yuon. 
On display are thirty paintings, including recent ones, in which the artist has remained true to his principle topic of portraying the reality of  Russian province,  specific character of the Russian countryside, a peculiar beauty of Russian land. 

“The nature for me is the God’s alter. To paint nature is the God-blessed favor and a great pleasure” – as the master puts it. His rural landscapes are distinguished by a complicated play of color and multi-ply texture intensifying both the artist’s impressions and his feelings.

Special mention must be made of Andrei Tutunov’s gallery of portraits of natives of small towns. His favorite figures are peasants, fishermen, village intellectuals who are not a result of the artist’s imagination, he penetrates the depth of the soul of truly national Russian characters living in province.

In his philosophical canvases on religious themes Andrei Tutunov expresses his understanding of the essence of existence. One can sense clearly his striving for conveying  spiritual searches. Full of associations and metaphors,  they obtain the form of a painting-parable.

The master’s works can be seen in many national museums including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, as well as museums in other countries.

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