Exhibition of Paintings by Rusudan Khantadze-Andronikashvili

The exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts offer a display of paintings by a Georgian artist Rusudan Khantadze-Andronikashvili from February 28 through March 9, 2008. Rusudan is an amazingly original artist whose works are colored by national traits of Georgian art.

She started painting at a mature age. Born in Tbilisi, Rusudan graduated from Tbilisi University where she majored in linguistics. Over thirty years ago she came to live in Moscow. She worked as a senior advisor in the Georgian Embassy in Russia, authored books and articles. Since 1990, she was carried away by painting that became her great passion.

Rusudan is a gifted nature with rich art imagination. As she puts it: “The need to create comes all of a sudden. It depends on the state of my soul”. Childish frankness, combination of incongruous colors, expressiveness are distinguished features of her paintings.

Works by Rusudan Andronikashvili have been exhibited in Russia and other countries. Her name entered the World Encyclopedia of Artists (Germany, 1997). Rusudan’s works are on display in museums in Tbilisi and Moscow, in private collections in the United States, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Island, China, Korea, Mexico, France, Sweden, Japan and others. They can be seen in the White House in Washington, the Georgian Embassy in the United States, Representation of Georgia in the United Nations.

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