Double Dream of Art Exhibition: Graphic Works 1962-2007 in Tsereteli Art Gallery

On February 21, 2008 the Italian Institute of Culture  presents an exhibition: Double Dream of Art. Art Print Shop 2RC – the Artist and Print Master. Organized by the Foreign Ministry of Italy in association with the Russian Academy of Arts and Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the exhibition features history of Italian and world art since 1960s to the present and showcases the activity of one of the biggest Italian printing houses in the area of graphic art.

In 1959 Valter and Eleonora Rossi, both graduates of the Academy in Brera, together with their cousin Franco Cioppi founded in Rome Art Print Shop 2RC. Convinced that graphics are a true and real art like painting or sculpture and not their extension, they have elaborated a technical laboratory making it possible for an artist to experiment with various graphic techniques and achieve something absolutely innovative.

The collaboration of noted artists of the world with Art Print Shop 2RC has  resulted in creation of a magnificent unity of art and craft.  Among celebrated  Italian artists having work experience  in Art Print Shop 2RC are Afro Basaldella,  Alberto Burri, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Francesco Clemente, Pietro Consagra, Enzo Cucchi, Pietro Dorazio, Lucio  Fontana, Yuri Kuper, Renato Guttuso, Jannis Kounellis,  Giacomo Manzu, Arnaldo Pomodoro,  Gio Pomodoro and Giulio Turkato.  Such artists as Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Man Ray and Julian Schnabel also tried to think in graphic terms and efficiently experimented together with Valter and Eleonora Rossi.

At the request of Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation (Milan, Italy), the curator of the exhibition that is sure to be of big interest to Moscow public is Achille Bonito Oliva. 

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