Alexander Burganov: Teacher and His Disciples Exhibition in S. Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry

     From November 5, 2007  the exhibition halls of S. Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts  and Industry host an exhibition entitled Alexander Burganov: Teacher and his Disciples. Since 1985 Alexander Burganov has run the Chair for Architectural and Decorative Sculpture in the above University and a whole pleiad of sculptors came from his school. The exhibition features works by his noted followers such as  F. Ibraghimov, I Kazanski, V. Korneev, L. Savelieva, I. Burganov, M. Burganova, O.Slepov, A. Smolenkov, E. Surovtseva,  G. Frangulyan, A. Tsygal, S. Sherbakov.  

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