Exhibition of the International Caricature Contest – “We Do Not Divide the World into Black and White”

     The opening of the exhibition of the International Caricature Contest in honor of the 10th anniversary of  “New Izvestia” newspaper will take place in the Russian Academy of Arts (21 Prechistenka street, Moscow) on November 8th, 2007.  The exposition will also include the most interesting photographs published on the newspaper pages for 10 years.
     The Contest started in February, 2007. The topic “We Do Not Divide the World into Black and White” mirrors the newspaper’s position in form and fact (Ten years ago,  the New Izvestia was the first daily color social and political newspaper in Russia not limiting artists in themes of their caricatures). 
     More than 500 works from 30 countries were sent to the editing staff.  Among the nominees were not only recognized masters of home and European caricature such as Boris Efimov, Sergei Tyunin, Victor Bogorad, Alexander Sergeev, Yuri Kosobukin, but also artists from Iran, Chile, Vietnam, Indonesia. The range of artistic expressions proved to be extremely wide from political cartoons to everyday squabbling.
     The winners of the Contest will be announced at the exhibition opening ceremony. Today,  we already know a holder of one of the main prizes - the “Legend of the Genre”.  By right and beyond competition it is Boris Efimov who is the oldest on Earth  caricaturist. He is 107 years old.
     The exhibition will be over on November 18, 2007.

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