Modern Cloisonne Enamel Exhibition

     November 2 through November 11, 2007 Tsereteli Art Gallery (19 Prechistenka street, Moscow) presents Modern Cloisonne Enamel exhibition that features over  100 enamels by twenty five artists. In the cloisonne technique, thin strips of metal (copper or brass) are bent and curved to follow the outline of a decorative pattern; they are than attached, usually soldered, to the surface of the metal object, forming miniature walls that meet and create little cells between them. Into these cells, the powered enamel  is laid and fused. After it has cooled, the surface is polished to form an even and smooth surface.
     Cloisonne enamels are a truly elitist and expensive kind of art.  Not many artists work in this ancient metalworking technique in modern Russia. The most gifted  of them have won an international recognition.

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