Paintings and Drawings by Nicholai Antipin in Exhibition Halls of the Russian Academy of Arts

     From November 27 through December 9, 2007. The Russian Academy of Arts in its exhibition halls, 21 Prechistenka street, Moscow, presents paintings and drawings by artist Nicholai Antipin.
     Nicholai Antipin was born in 1931. His meeting in 1945 with I. Repin’s disciple George Kravchenko determined his professional choice, he decided to be an artist. He was also much influenced by such masters as Peter Konchalovski.
     Antipin creates  his canvases during a long period of time, sometimes it takes a few years, often creating several variations on one and the same topic. He paints from nature without copying it mechanically and striving for generalized associations. The color scheme of his paintings reflects the artist’s spirits, that are powerful and simultaneously romantic.   
    The artist’s paintings can be seen in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum as well as in other museums and art galleries.                                               

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