Solo Exhibition of Works by Vladimir Tsygal

     From September 4 - 23, 2007 the exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts, 21 Prechistenka street, will be a showcase for works by the noted Russian sculptor, People’s Artist of the USSR, Winner of the Lenin and State Prizes, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Vladimir Tsygal. The exhibition is dedicated to the sculptor’s 90th anniversary and provides a retrospective of  his creative work.
     Today, the classic of Russian contemporary  sculpture Vladimir Tsygal  needs no introduction. His sculptures adorning squares and streets of Russia and other countries   speak for themselves.  Even if he had created only his monuments to the Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant-General D. Karbyshev (Mauthausen, Austria) and intelligence officer Rikhard Sorge (Moscow, Baku),  his name would have beecome a part of  the home cultural legacy.
     Vladimir Tsygal has sculptured about 50 monuments, among them are statues of the children’s physician N. Filatov,  poet Sergei Esenin,  Kho Shi Min in Moscow;  Tatar poet Musa Jalil in Kazan; Hero of the Italian resistance Fiedor Poletaev in Ryazan; Norwegian polar explorer F. Nansen,  sculptor Nicholai  Tomski in Moscow and others.  Vladimir Tsygal has created a bronze sculpture of St. George the Victorious installed in the Kremlin on the Senate building dome (together with A. Tsygal). His  remarkable sculptural compositions and portraits of academicians S. Chapygin and S. Vavilov,  astronaut G. Titov, composer D. Kabalevski, sculptor N. Chaikov, American artist Rockwell Kent, “Ann Frank”, “Mayakovski in America”, “Double Portrait”  and many others  brilliantly express unique originality of every person depicted by the master.  In Novorossiysk stands a memorial ensemble designed by him in memory of heroes of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. 
     On display will be Vladimir Tsygal’s  recent works – bronze reliefs grouped by the sculptor in several series entitled “Fragments of History”, Victors”,  “Generations”  representing his contemplations about life,  history and the present. Emotionally rich, metaphoric and allegoric these works testify to the latest creative searches of the sculptor.
     Of special interest will be drawings made by Tsygal in the war years. In 1942 the student Tsygal was sent to battle fields of World War II as a volunteer. He served in the Navy as a military artist till 1944. 
     Vladimir Tsygal is a talented teacher. Since 1991 he has headed the creative workshop of sculpture of the Russian Academy of Arts.
     A man of literary gift, he has written several books under the title “I continue  to be surprised”. His memorial books tell about upheavals and events of his life, about his view of art and beauty, his meetings with interesting people.
     The retrospective exhibition gives us one more opportunity to have a new look at Vladimir Tsygal’s creative work known for its extreme profundity and penetration.   

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