Victor Pivovarov. "Eaters of Lemons"

   Victor Pivovarov is an artist, who is famous in the professional sphere.  He is Ilia Kabakov’s friend of the “heroic” time of the conceptualism. Pivovarov always was an artist in a true sense of this word. Besides active work in the status of one of the leaders of the “non-official” art of 1970-s he is one of the most famous masters of illustration for children. Several generations of children were brought up on his wonderful illustrations. Almost all fairy-tales of Andersen children saw with the eyes of Pivovarov.

   Victor Pivovarov is the only Russian artist, except Oleg Kulik, that attracted attention of London Tate-Modern. He is a participant of the exhibition “Russia!” in the Guggenheim Museum (New York,).

   Victor Pivovarov’s exhibitions very seldom take place in Moscow, but when it happens they become important events of the artistic life of the city. Two years ago the retrospective exhibition of artist at the State Tretyakov Gallery and Russian Museum attracted great interest of professionals and public.

   Exhibition “Eaters of Lemons”, displayed in Moscow Museum of the Contemporary Art, includes artist’s works of recent years.  


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