Roma Punto Uno

   Roma Punto Uno is a project, which travels all over the world. It presents at the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art 149 pieces in all techniques created by 71 Italian artist, that agreed to work in a special size – 18´ 24 (Punto Uno). Generation of Italian artists, working now in Eternal City, many of which are famous abroad, demonstrates an important truth about the language of the city, composed from smallest parts of the personality of each master.

   The exhibition is an experiment with the artistic language, which lets countless ways of expression of the interrelation and common existence of people from many countries.

   Rome is the place of action, frame of the painting. This “frame” unites all sides that are in accordance with the number of the presented artists and simultaneously renders the spirit of the city and the exhibition. “Roma Punto Uno” is a journey through creative possibilities, innumerable as the inhabitants and images of the Eternal City that mixes joy and sadness.

   The exhibition, organized by the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art and the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow, is a project of the Gallery “Mara Coccia”. It is realized with the help of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City Administration of Rome.


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