Galina Shabanova's works' exhibition

On October, 4, 2006 the opening of the Galina Shabanova’s works exhibition at the Zurab Tsereteli’s Art Gallery will take place.

Galina Shabanova is a woman with a bright and extraordinary fate. She belongs to the generation of artists, whose creative biography formed in 1950-th-beginning of 1960-th. She graduated artistic department of VGIK, where studied at the studio of outstanding artist and teacher Y.I.Pimenov along with such acknowledged masters, as Valeriy Levental, Nicolai Dvigubsky, Evgeniy Shukaev, Nicolai Voronkov, Sergey Alimov. Among her friends during all her life were Andrey Tarkovsky, Sergey Paradghanov, Otar Ioseliani, Oleg Tselkov, Mikael Tariverdiev, Gennadiy Shpalikov and many others – people, who valued artistic freedom, nonconformism beyond of all and were searching for their way in art.

Talanted, subtle person, spiritually gifted woman, Galina Shabanova is a gifted painter. She also successfully worked as a the cinema artist. Her diploma she devoted to A.S.Pushkin, to the three last days of his life. She made sketches for it, many of them are now kept at the Literary Museum of A.S.Pushkin at Prechistenka in Moscow. From the end of 1960-s her creative activity was connected with cinema.

   Last exhibition of the artist in Moscow took place in 1993 in Nika Sherbakova’s salon. At the end of 1990-s she moved to Italy to her daughter Anastasia, where she is still living now. After 20 years Shabanova turns back to Moscow to make her personal exhibition.

   Among the lovers of Shabanova’s talant are many outstanding figures of contemporary culture. Tonino Guerra values originality of her artistic manner, freedom and high level of painting culture. Grigoriy Chuhrai was very exact in expressing of the essence of the character and artistic manner of Shabanova: “In the image of Shabanova there is subtleness which always attracted, but she followed her principles with dignity. Her paintings are filled with light of spirit and simplicity and are never left without attention”.     

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