Exhibitions of Valentina Kuznetsova's works

Russian Academy of Art introduced an exhibition of owner of the diploma of Russian Academy of Art, member of Russian artists union, honourable artist of Republic Bashkortostan, ceramist Valentina Kuznetsova at the “Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery” (Prechistenka str., 19).

    The world of Valentina Kuznetsova’s works is poetic and inspirated. Girls, myphical birds and animals, mother and child are the heroes of her art, the themes of which are love and miracle of life. Her art is far from difficult problems of contemporary life, it is turned to the inner world of the man and expresses conditions of happiness, love, contemplation. Heroes of Valentina Kuznetsova are full of sincereness. This is an art, which brings joy.

    Chammotte and faience are artist’s favourite materials. Valentina Kuznetsova has an extraordinary feeling of material that allows her to create images, which are very expressive in the sense of plastic. The plastic of her heroes is very soft, tender, in the contours of figures there is a lirycal mood.

    Work at the sphere of painting influenced the technique of master’s ceramical art. Valentina Kuznetsova does not just paints her works, but creates with the help of metalls’ solts the artistical image in colour. 


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