Patchwork mosaics



The exhibition “Patchwork mosaics” introduce the public with the works of the masters of textile art. Patchwork is the kind of applied art. Having a long history, now at the beginning of the third millennium it has a new birth.

   The exhibition is organized by the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art And Association of Russian Patchwork masters. Association was created in 2004 and united best representatives of this kind of folk art. Its goal is the propaganda of the achievements, help to the starting masters, development of the contacts with international organizations, holding of the festivals, competitions, exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

   The exposition includes works of more than 60 masters from all parts of Russia.

   Quilting is an ancient craft. Blankets, balls, dolls, created with love from coloured pieces of cloth, are kept in city and village everyday life.

   Quilting is a popular craft and art during two last decades. In our days there are many masters, which brought it to a high level and museums make acquisitions of such works for their collections. Clubs, artistic units appeared in many regions of Russia. It is possible to say, that quilting is popular all over the world: exhibitions, festivals, competitions take place in our country as well as abroad.

   Patchwork has unlimited abilities and attracts people with creative fantasy, taste and skillful hands. Many masters has their favourite techniques, in which they are perfect. Others are attracted by the experiment, search of the manner. In quilting many different clothes are used, and each has its peculiarities. Silk, for example, gives splendid gloss, beautiful tints of colour gradations, works in it look especially effective.

   Masters use in their work specialized symbols: square and round figures are often the elements of compositions or the form of the whole. The meaning of the pagan symbols – cross figures, circles is known in the art of Eurasia and other countries.

   Today is obvious the tendency towards complication of the composition, difference of technical and artistic methods, development and using of new techniques. Sometimes peculiarities of the cloth lead to creation of the new technique. As a result of numerous experiments with silk appeared patchwork technique called “crasy quilt”, which now because of the great quantity of beautiful synthetic clothes give ability to create different compositions. Very often masters use several kinds of different techniques simultaneously for the expressiveness.

   Patchwork, as any other kind of folk art, render subjects and impressions that masters receive from life and nature. In every subject there is a delight to the seen and willing to realize it in a bright form. In many works image is born with the help of colour, relations of colour gradations, creating different moods.                    

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