Zurab Tsereteli's Exhibitions in Central Russia and Republic Belarus

 In the framework of preparation for the 250-th anniversary of Russian Academy of Arts its president, people’s artist of Russia, USSR and Georgia, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Zurab Tsereteli held the series of personal exhibitions at the different cities of Central Russia (in Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Lipetsk, Tula, Penza, Tambov), and in the capital of Republic Belarus Minsk, which always enjoyed a  permanent success. Tsereteli’s personal exhibition at the Central Exhibitional Hall “Manezh” in Moscow became a real sensation.

These personal exhibitions introduce to the works of various periods (among them a knewly created ones) – paintings, original graphics, sculpture, enamels – with almost all spectrum of artistic capabilities of Zurab Tsereteli.  
Bronze compositions and models of monuments, created by Tsereteli in different periods, were presented at the exhibition, among them are models of the monument, dedicated to the 300-th anniversary of the Russian fleet, of sculptural composition “Good Defeats Evil”, of monuments “Birth of a New Man” and “Birth of a New World”. Two last compositions are dedicated to the 500-th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christophor Columbus. Artist also works successfully at the sphere of easel sculpture. At the exhibition one could see the sculptural image of world wide famous actor and director Charlie Chaplin, whose life was always the object of sculptor’s admiration.
   The wide-range series of bas-reliefs “My Contemporaries” is dedicated to outstanding figures of Russian culture of XX and XXI centuries. Began this cycle with images of great precursors, Tsereteli continued it and created a gallery of portraits of his friends, outstanding poets, musicians, ballet dancers, writers, etc.
  Painting is the everyday life of artist, a kind of his creative lab. In his canvases – their texture, colour range, expressiveness of lines, unusual associations are the artist’s complexity, ardent temperant and unique personality.
 One of the main achievements of Z.Tsereteli is the rebirth of the technique of the cloisonné enamel, the result of his work of many years. This kind of enamel was used by the master in his monumental art. Now the exposition presented enamel panels from the series “Jerusalem”, “Circus” and others.

         Graphics became one of the favorite kinds of art of Z.Tsereteli. Master creates folk genre scenes – usually from life of old Tbilisy, with churches, small houses, etc.
  During the time, when the exhibitions took place, many interesting meetings of the artists with people happened . These meetings inspired the artist and gave him great impulse for realization of his plans for future.


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